Sharp TV Models Announced but Not Shown

Hisense has control of the Sharp brand in North America – and it announced new TV products, but, surprisingly, didn’t show any – at least none that we saw. Hisense’s press conference was all about its product with not a word about Sharp. That’s rather strange. Are they not investing in the brand here, anticipating a fight with Foxconn over control of the North American distribution rights?

According to a press release, the new Sharp lineup features 21 new televisions headed by the flagship P9500 and P9000 series.

The P9500 series of 4K TVs feature Quantum Dot Wide Color Gamut, full array local dimming and Ultra HD Premium certification. The range has Motion 480 processing, HDR Luminance Peaking and a ‘Revelation upscaler’. Models include the 70” LC-70P9500U for $5,999.99 and the 75” Class LC-75P9500U for $7,999.99. THX and UHDA certification is still pending.

The P9000 series 4K TVs are edge lit models with wide color gamut, HDR compatibility, enhanced dynamic range, Revelation upscaler and Motion 240 processing. It will be offered in three screen sizes: 50” (LC-50P9000U: $999.99), 55” (LC-55P9000U: $1,299.99) and 65” (LC-65P9000U: $1,999.99)

The step down P8000 series is an HDR compatible, edge lit series with Motion 120, enhanced dynamic range and UHD upscaler. It is offered in four screen sizes: 50″ (LC-50P8000U: $699.99); 55″ (LC-55P8000U: $899.99); 65″ (LC-65P8000U: $1,299.99); 75″ (LC-75P8000U: $2,699.99)

The P7000 series is merely HDR compatible with a UHD upscaler offered in 43″ (LC-43P7000U: $449.99); 50″ (LC-50P7000U: $549.99); 55″ (LC-55P7000: $649.99); 65″ (LC-65P7000U: $999.99)

The P5000 series and P3000 series will also be available. In 32” to 55”. – CC