Philips Intros First Dolby Vision TV and Other Models

P&F USA Inc, the company that manages the Philips brand in North America, and managed by Funai, used CES 2017 to introduce four new series of TVs. Only the Philips 4K Ultra HD 8000 series televisions will support Dolby Vision out of the box. Two of the series also have Chromecast integrated as well (5000 and 8000). A companion Dolby Vision-capable Blu-ray player was also introduced with full support coming later in the year via a firmware update.

The entry level 5000 series 4K TVs has Chromecast onboard with sets offering luminance in the 400-600 cd/m² range – so, brighter than the average TV. All are direct LED backlight types that serve up 70-75% of the BT.709 color gamut.

The Philips 6000 series TVs are Dolby Vision-enabled UHD TVs. Available in six screen sizes – 43-inch class, 50-inch class, 55-inch class, 65-inch class, 75-inch class and 86-inch class – they feature Philips NetTV, BrightPro backlight, Macro dimming, 120 ‘Perfect Motion Rate’, UHD upscaling, wireless screencasting, dual band 802.11ac wireless LAN with MIMO antennas, HDMI 2.0a with HDCP 2.2, and Sonic Emotion Premium sound. Booth personnel told us the color gamut on this series is about 90% of BT.709. The 86” was mainly demonstrated to get feedback, as roll out plans are not firm yet.

The 7000 series is represented by a single product – a 98-inch class Dolby Vision-enabled UHD TV with Philips NetTV that offers direct access to the most popular apps, BrightPro backlight, Macro dimming, 240 Perfect Motion Rate, 4K upscaling, wireless screen casting, dual band 802.11ac wireless LAN with MIMO antennas, HDMI 2.0a with HDCP 2.2 and Sonic Emotion Premium Sound. It is not a wide color gamut TV, uses a 120 Hz panel and is more of a concept than a confirmed product, we were told.

The flagship Philips 8000 series TVs are Dolby Vision enabled 4K TVs available in three screen sizes – 49-, 55- and 65-inch. They offer Chromecast built-in, a platform that that lets users cast entertainment from their phone, tablet or laptop right to the TV and control the TVs using their mobile device or Google Home powered by the Google Assistant. Other features include wide color gamut (75% of BT.2020 or over 90% DCI-P3), BrightPro Plus backlight, Micro Dimming, 240 Perfect Motion Rate, 4K upscaling, dual band 802.11ac wireless LAN with MIMO antennas, HDMI 2.0a with HDCP 2.2, and Sonic Emotion Premium sound.

In the P&F suite in the Renaissance hotel, a darkened room was set up to highlight the Philips 8000 series TV with Dolby Vision and the prototype Dolby Vision Blu-ray player. The demonstrator offered over 1000 cd/m² of brightness. There are claimed to be over 1000 zones in this Micro Dimming Premium backlight.

Philips 7000 series

The company also showed a 65” 8K technology demonstrator with 600 cd/m² and 100% of the P3 color gamut. The panel comes from BOE. – CC

Model Screen Size Available Price

6000 series

43PFL6902 43-inch class Spring 2017 $649.99

50PFL6902 50-inch class Spring 2017 $799.99

55PFL6902 55-inch class Spring 2017 $899.99

65PFL6902 65-inch class Spring 2017 $1299.99

75PFL6902 75-inch class Summer 2017 $2499.99

86PFL6902 86-inch class Summer 2017 $3999.99

7000 series

98PFL7902 98-inch class Summer 2017 $19,999.99

8000 series

49PFL8922 49-inch class Fall 2017 $999.99

55PFL8922 55-inch class Fall 2017 $1199.99

65PFL8922 65-inch class Fall 2017 $1699.99