Chinese TV Maker TPV Poised to Launch New Smart TV Operating System

Consumer electronics manufacturer TPV Technology is preparing to unveil a new smart TV operating system next month called Titan OS, according to Janko Roettgers in his Lowpass newsletter. The launch event is scheduled to take place in late January at the MWC technology trade show in Barcelona.

TPV formed a joint venture with Philips in 2011 called TP Vision to make Philips-branded TVs for regions outside the U.S. In 2014, TPV took full ownership of TP Vision. It appears some Philips smart TVs sold in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, South America and parts of Asia-Pacific are already running versions of Titan OS.

But TPV has bigger plans for Titan OS beyond just powering Philips TVs. Roettgers learned TPV created a separate Titan OS corporate entity with aims to license the operating system technology to other TV brands.

More details have now emerged about TPV’s smart TV platform strategy through a newly announced partnership between TP Vision and German streaming service Joyn. The companies revealed plans to pre-install the Joyn streaming app on Philips TVs from 2022 onward that use TP Vision’s Titan OS platform.

Additionally, selected Philips TV models with Titan OS shipping in 2024 will feature dedicated buttons on remote controls to launch the Joyn app. This could make accessing the streaming service easier for Philips TV owners in Germany and Austria, where the partnership is initially launching.

If TPV can secure additional content partnerships and TV brand licensees, Titan OS could emerge as a new player in the global smart TV platform market currently dominated by operating systems from Google, Amazon, Roku and others. More specifics around TPV’s licensing approach and Titan OS’ capabilities are likely to emerge during the official launch event in Barcelona next month.