US Trade Commission Rules in Favor of Samsung in Patent Dispute

The USITC has concluded that Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDS did not violate any patents held by Manufacturing Resources International (MRI) related to outdoor electronics displays.

Source: MRI

Last year, Atlanta-based MRI filed a complaint alleging that the South Korean tech giants had infringed on five of its patents concerning cooling systems for electronic displays used in outdoor kiosks. MRI requested that the ITC issue exclusion and cease and desist orders against Samsung.

After investigating the matter, the ITC made a preliminary decision last month that Samsung did not violate MRI’s patents. While the ITC’s conclusion represents an initial ruling, sources say Samsung expects the court’s final decision in about six months to uphold the determination in Samsung’s favor.

MRI has been producing outdoor and semi-outdoor digital liquid crystal displays. Samsung, which has expanded its digital signage businesses in recent years, denied infringing on MRI’s patents throughout the legal process.