LG-MRI Introduces the World’s First All-Glass InfiniteTouch Panel for Large Format LCDs

LG-MRI in the US has announced new PCap touch technology that it claims sets a new benchmark for optical performance with transmissivity of 93.46%, 0.006% diffuse reflection, and 1.948% specular reflection. LG-MRI claims that this new touch technology is, for all intents and purposes, invisible to the human eye.

The All-Glass InfiniteTouch Panel is comprised of a multi-layered laminated stack of glass panes and solves, the company claims, “all the problems” common to PCap sensors. Features are:

  • Greater transmission = More luminance for less power
  • Reduced diffuse reflection = Deeper blacks, truer colours
  • Reduced specular reflection = Minimised mirror effect
  • No wires = no metallic glint when viewed in sunlight or off-angle
  • 10ms response = true “iPad-like” touch experience

The All-Glass InfiniteTouch Panel is currently shipping on BoldVu 55-inch outdoor displays and will be available for 75-inch and 86-inch displays in early 2018.

Analyst Comment

We have reached out to LG-MRI for more information, but hadn’t received anything at press time. We’ll report again when we get something back. (BR)