Selling TVs to Future Generations

by Omid Rahmat

Future brand loyalists may not need all your specs but they do need your attention to detail.

Tags:Gen X| Hisense| LG| Samsung| showcase| TCL| TV sales

CES 2024: What You Don’t Show Matters

by Omid Rahmat

Kicking off the year in Vegas was a success for the trade show, the attendees, and exhibitors, at least on the surface. What it means for 2024 is less certain.

Tags:CES 2024| Hisense| LG| Samsung| showcase| sony| TCL

Waiting Out OLED With MiniLED

by Omid Rahmat

Being a front-runner is exhausting. That’s how OLED may be feeling about right now.

Tags:advanced TV| DSCC| Hisense| LCD| MiniLED| OLED| showcase| TCL

Global TV Shipments Fall in 2023

by Emory Kale

Hisense and TCL gained share thanks to low-cost export strategies and localized production.

Tags:Hisense| Market Data| Samsung| showcase| TCL| TrendForce| TV Sets

Taking Connected TVs to Extremes

by Omid Rahmat

TVs need to be redefined for a new age when they no longer represent the functionality of a CRT.

Tags:Artificial Intelligence (AI)| Hisense| MiniLED| TV Sets