Taking Connected TVs to Extremes

by Omid Rahmat

TVs need to be redefined for a new age when they no longer represent the functionality of a CRT.

Tags:Artificial Intelligence (AI)| Hisense| MiniLED| TV Sets

Hisense Promoting 4K ULED TVs With the NBA

by Omid Rahmat

Hisense recently started on a three-year partnership with the NBA as its Official TV and Home Appliance Partner to gain traction in North America and capture the attention of Gen Z and millennial demographics.

Tags:Hisense| Marketing

Samsung Going Top-Down to Dominate OLED TV Market

by Emory Kale

Looking at the high-end of the OLED TV market, and it is just Samsung, LG, or Sony. Samsung is being extra aggressive in winning market share, looking to solidify its position by using the …

Tags:Hisense| LG| MiniLED| QD-OLED| Samsung| sony| TCL| WOLED

What the Super Bowl Tells Us About TV Buying

by Omid Rahmat

There’s nothing quite like the showcase of the NFL season, the Super Bowl, at least when it comes to TVs. The FIFA World Cup draws a much bigger worldwide audience and it can juice …

Tags:Apple TV| Hisense| Samsung| Super Bowl| TV pricing