Hisense Could Go All the Way in the Super Bowl

I am going to bet on one team this upcoming Super Bowl weekend. Not out of any personal bias or love of the companys products, but because all the anecdotal evidence points to the company being very aggresssive on pricing and promotions for TV sales tied around the NFL’s big game.

Source: Amazon

I got to tell you that at first I thought Hisense deserves some credit for chutzpa because it is elevating a Super Bowl sale with an NBA screen promotion. I mean, that should have made me cringe, but look at that pricing and feature set.

I test drove this ad with my brothers, all three of whom are not very bright, but they watch a lot of sports. Three things really stand out: the price is just below $700, which is the sweet spot of where users think something is not too expensive, but it isn’t cheap either. It’s got a 144Hz refresh rate which triggers the console players and most of those guys have a console attached to their TV and switch between playing sports games to watching sports. Then, and this just my not-too-smart family members saying this, the QLED makes it sound really high-tech. Meaning that the Q in the specs was a big trigger. That’s bound to make some engineers want to scream but, hey, that’s marketing.

Personally, I would have said the Samsung offer below was a better deal but you got the plus $700 price tag, and the 120Hz refresh rate negating the extra screen size. On these small threads hangs the difference between sale and no sale.

Source: Amazon

Now, I know I said that this was all anecdotal. The boss makes me use that word but I am convinced that the way my brothers think, or don’t think, is more common than not. It may not be scientific but it’s true enough if I predict Hisense has this Super Bowl wrapped up. But, you might also notice that Samsung is doing some deep discounting here, too. That’s got to hurt the bigger brand.

As for the actual Super Bowl, I have no idea personally but my brothers are all-in on the Chiefs.