Sharp LFDs from Infocomm Start to Ship

Sharp USA has announced that the new 42″, 49″ and 55″ (PN-R556/R496/R426) monitors in its PN-R series, which we reported on at Infocomm, have started to become available. The new units are slimmer than the previous generation with bezels of only 7.8mm and have Mini-OPS slots, a new format designed by Sharp and Intel. The sets can run in landscape, portrait or table mode. They also have an optional wireless board (PN-ZB03W) that allows up to 10 devices—including Mac or Windows computers; Chromebook notebook computers; and iOS and Android platform smartphones and tablets—to connect to the displays. Another option is an HDBaseT receiver board.

The 49″ is available now, with the 55″ due in November and the 42″ in January.

Analyst Comment

At the moment, we haven’t seen many modules for the mini-OPS system and so far, only Sharp seems to have announced display products with support. (BR)