Sharp Shows 1000+ ppi For VR and Rounded Corners on LCD

At Ceatec in Japan, Sharp has shown an LCD based on an IGZO backplane that has reached a pixel density of more than 1000 ppi. The panel was 2.87″ in diagonal with 1920 x 2160 pixels to give 1008ppi.

The company has also shown a version of its ‘free form’ display concept (previously shown at SID and CES) that has rounded top corners for smartphones. The panel on display was a 5.2″ 1080P panel.

Sharp freeform phone conceptSharp’s freeform phone concept. Image:TheVerge

Analyst Comment

The highest ppi on a commercial smartphone at the moment is the 5.5″ Sony Xperia Z5 Premium which puts UltraHD onto a 5.5″ display, giving 806ppi, while the Oculus Rift has 461ppi.