Ceatec 2016


LDM Product Roundup – Vol 23 No 40

by Bob Raikes

Inneos said at the Ceatec show that it has developed a consumer-ready optical extender capable of delivering HDMI 4K60, 4:4:4 color with support for HDR and other advanced features on a single fibre, over …

Tags:Ceatec 2016| Field Monitors| HDMI| Large Display Monitor| UltraHD| Vol 23 - Issue 40

Panasonic Reveals Bendable Battery at Ceatec

by Bob Raikes

Image:BBCPanasonic has shown a flexible battery at Ceatec that could be used in wearables such as watches, fitness bands and smart-clothing. It is a low capacity device and is 0.55mm thick, with a maximum …

Tags:Back Panel| Ceatec 2016| Flexible Batteries| Mobile Display Monitor| Panasonic| Vol 23 - Issue 40

8K Monitor Uses 8 DisplayPort Connections

by Bob Raikes

We reported on the new 8K 27″ monitor that Sharp showed privately at IFA and has now shown publicly at the Ceatec Show in Japan (Sharp Shows 27-inch 8K Monitor at IFA). The company …

Tags:4k| Ceatec 2016| Desktop Monitors| Large Display Monitor| sharp| Super Hi-Vision (8K)| Vol 23 - Issue 40

NHK Bonds Channels to Put Super Hi-Vision over Cable

by Bob Raikes

At the Ceatec show, Japanese broadcaster, NHK, said that has developed a set top box (STB) that allows the display of UltraHD or 8K signals by exploiting and bonding multiple cable channels to give …

Tags:4k| Ceatec 2016| Japan| Large Display Monitor| NHK| Super Hi-Vision (8K)| Vol 23 - Issue 39

Sharp Shows 1000+ ppi For VR and Rounded Corners on LCD

by Bob Raikes

At Ceatec in Japan, Sharp has shown an LCD based on an IGZO backplane that has reached a pixel density of more than 1000 ppi. The panel was 2.87″ in diagonal with 1920 x …

Tags:Ceatec 2016| Free Form Displays| IGZO| Mobile Display Monitor| sharp| Smartphones| Virtual Reality| Vol 23 - Issue 39