SES Industry Days Highlight UltraHD

SES, the satellite operator, held one of its regular industry days in Luxembourg and we attended, as our own Bob Raikes was among the speakers.

SES has been a supporter of HD and better quality TV for a long time and Thomas Wrede was a speaker at the Meko DisplayForum HDTV event back in 2005, when there were questions about HDTV – the same questions are being asked now about UltraHD. As we mentioned in our report on that event, SES, and Wrede, were supporters and promoters of the HDTV Ready logo that was so successful at marketing HD TV sets in Europe. So you can say that SES has a track record in the area of promoting improvements in TV.

Of course, the firm has a clear interest in driving higher quality. Like Intel in computing, the more bandwidth that consumers and service providers need, the happier SES is. However, the thought that satellite might not be the medium of choice for high bandwidth video was not even a question at the event, at least not in public.

This was the 8th of the annual SES “Industry days” and there were 270 attendees and a range of exhibits (more than 20). The quality of delegates at the event was very high and the networking opportunities very good.