Semiconductors Enter 25th Month of Growth

Global semiconductor sales rose 5.1% YoY in May 2015, says the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA). Sales reached $28.2 billion, up from $26.8 billion May 2014. They were 2.1% higher than April’s sales of $27.6 billion.

The semiconductor industry overcame “lingering macroeconomic uncertainty” to achieve growth, said president and CEO of the SIA, John Neuffer. May 2015 was the 25th straight month of YoY sales increases, and the first time that MoM sales rose in six months. Modest growth is expected to continue for the rest of the year, and beyond.

Regionally, sales in the Americas beat the industry average, rising 11.4% YoY. Chinese sales were up 9.5% and APAC/All Other 8%. However, sales fell in Europe (7.8%) and Japan (11.8%). Compared to April, China posted the largest rise of 4%, followed by APAC/All Other (3.3%) and the Americas (0.2%). Sales fell again in Europe (0.6%), but were flat in Japan.

Semiconductor Sales by Region, May 2015 ($ Billions)
Market May-15 May-14 YoY Change
Americas 5.62 5.05 11.4%
Europe 2.87 3.12 -7.8%
Japan 2.54 2.88 -11.8%
China 8.09 7.39 9.5%
APACxJ/Other 9.07 8.40 8.0%
Total 28.20 26.83 5.1%
Source: SIA