Screen4All Forum’s Conferences Shed Light on the Future

Over 60 speakers, all experts in their respective industries, will be at Screen4All Forum to provide insight into the market’s future challenges, with an emphasis on virtual reality for the first time in France. A specific series of conferences will also be dedicated to an overview of the post-production, visual effects and 4K markets.

The Screen4All Forum will be held on October 12 and 13, 2015, at L’Usine, in Saint-Denis (just outside Paris, France).

Virtual reality

With Disney’s recent 65 million dollar investment in offering a 360° film experience and Netflix’s plans to develop an app that supports Samsung’s Gear VR, many major players have already started investing in these new technologies. In this context, Screen4All Forum offers, for the first time in France, conferences dedicated to the latest topics in virtual reality, a technology that is still in its infancy, in order to give insight into how to create attractive content or which helmet to choose.

Eric Scherer, director of Future Media at France Télévisions, will share his vision of virtual reality.

Aurélien Simon, in charge of VR productions at Unit9, and Aurélien Cayrol, founder and producer at FatCat Films and Okio-Studio, will share their expertise on 360° content production.

Philippe Maas, CG Generalist and student at the Filmakademie, whose directorial credits include Sonar, the first 360° animated short film, Samy Aboudrar, UX designer at GoPro, Emmanuel Guerriero, president of Emissive, Julien Levy, founder of Digital Immersion, and Morgan Bouchet, VP Digital Content & Innovation at Orange, head of and professor of digital media and transmedia at SciencesPo, will discuss the issues related to post-producing 360° content.

On the artistic aspects of these new formats, Screen4All Forum visitors will hear Jean-Pascal Beaudoin, cofounder and sound manager at Headspace Studio (live from Montreal), Ludovic Noblet, founder of Livelike, and Ludovic Noblet, director of innovation at b<>com.

Finally, Bernard Mendiburu, director of hardware technologies at Starbreeze Studios and Philippe Fuchs, professor of virtual reality and augmented reality at the CAOR lab in MINES ParisTech, will present the various helmets available.

In addition, participants can meet the players on the virtual reality market on a dedicated exhibition area within Screen4All Forum.

The state of post-production and visual effects

Jean-Yves Mirski, representative of FICAM, will introduce this series of conferences, which tackles the latest topics in this industry where the French president recently introduced major changes to tax credits in the film industry as a part of the 2016 budget.

Michel Gomez, representative of Paris’ official film initiative, Angelo Cosimano, representative of CST, Baptiste Heynemann, in charge of technical industries and innovation at CNC, Michel Nougué, director of branding and self-promotion at M6 Group, Jean Mizrahi, president of Ymagis, Gilles Gaillard, general manager of Mikros Image, Annie Dautane, president of La Maison, Alain Carsoux, director of digital effects at CGEV, Jacques Bled, president of Illumination Mac Guff, and Florence Gastaud, representative of ARP, will present the state of post-production.

Then, Julie Parmenter, managing director at Molinare TV & Film Ltd., Nthat Quang Tran, VFX supervisor at nhb studios in Berlin, Andy Quested, head of Technology at BBC HD & UHD, and Pasquale Croce, cofounder of EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani, will gather for a round-table discussion of their experience as post-producers outside of France.


On the topic of ultra-high resolution entering the mainstream, Andy Quested, head of Technology at BBC HD & UHD, and Michel Chabrol, director of 3D and Ultra HD digital cinema at Eutelsat, will present an overview of the deployment of 4K UHD.

Fabien Pisano, director of sales at Sony, and Bernard Fontaine, director of innovative technologies at France Télévisions, will discuss live 4K UHD.

In addition, Matthieu Parmentier, R&D project manager at France Télévisions, and Maryline Clare-Charrier, Research Project Leader at Orange, will present the 4K format.

Finally, Olivier Chiabodo, team leader at TF1 for the Explorers Network, and Bertrand Loyer, producer, director and founder at Saint-Thomas Productions, will provide insight on the advantages of producing in 4K.

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