CPT Presents LCD Display With Metal Oxide Semiconductor iXsenic Coated on Gen 4

Taiwanese display maker Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) presented a 5.8 inch LCD display on trade fair Touch Taiwan with iXsenic® metal oxide semiconductor coated with Gen 4 slot-die coating equipment.

iXsenic® is a solution-processable inorganic metal oxide semiconductor for the display industry supplied by German chemical company Evonik Industries AG. It is applied under ambient conditions: no vacuum environment is needed which results in process simplifications, high yield and cost advantages. iXsenic® is best applied via slot-die coating.

The Taiwanese display maker Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) is dedicated to offer full-sized product line and position itself as a leader for visual telecommunication products and the all-around innovator for optronic technology. Now CPT has applied Evonik’s iXsenic® metal oxide semiconductor with their Gen4 slot-die coater. The result – a 5.8 inch LCD display – was recently shown on Touch Taiwan.

“Using a coater of the size Gen 4 shows the mass production suitability of iXsenic®”, says Prof. Ralf Anselmann, Vice President Electronic Solutions at Evonik. “If we coat on Gen 4 we can also coat on Gen 6 or even Gen 8. iXsenic® is easily upscalable.”

“CPT is pushing more and more for novelties in the display industry” comments Dr. Jang-Jeng, Liang, CTO at CPT. “The use of the solution processable oxide semiconductor iXsenic® makes us truly innovative and gives us the opportunity to reach high performance at low costs.”

Besides LCDs application areas of iXsenic® include high-resolution OLED displays, with or without flexible properties.

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