Scandinavia Enters DBCI With Positive Sentiment

The May/June period is the first time that OVAB Europe and Invidis have polled the Scandinavian market for the Digital Signage Business Climate Index, which tracks sentiment in European markets.

Scandinavia’s DBCI stands at 66.65 points, which is a very positive rating. The economies of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland have, since late 2013, begun to rise to match that of Norway. Norway was the only country where the signage market continued to grow after the 2008 financial crash.

The market is the fourth-largest in Europe in terms of public display units, growing 20% YoY in 2014. 76.2% of polled companies say that their current business situation is good, and only 4.8% say that it is negative. No companies expect the next six months to be worse, and 61.9% expect the market to rise.

The vertical markets of retail, corporate communication and education were the top three digital signage sectors in Scandinavia last year. Retail is responsible for approximately 30% of the market’s revenues, with signage use becoming more and more common. There is high demand for shop window signage.

Corporate communication is a quickly-growing sector, with rising IT budgets. Meanwhile, education is the region’s third-largest vertical, with a trend towards paperless environments speeding the move to digital.

Digital signage revenues are being driven by small-and-medium businesses. 75% of installations last year were small- and medium-sized projects, up to 50 displays.