Samsung Bangs the Drum for QD LCDs

Samsung put out a press release claiming “dominance in the premium TV market” with first place in the >$1,500 global premium TV market in Q2 2017. The company said that while these TVs account for only 5% of the volume of the market, they account for 20% of the revenue and 40% of the profits.

According to Samsung’s own statistics, Samsung TVs maintained their first place standing in the over-$1,500 global premium TV market in the second quarter of 2017, with more than 40% of market share by sales volume in all the major global markets, except China, where it was number one but with around 30% market share. Samsung’s market share remained above 40% in North America and Europe, the major battlegrounds of the global TV market. Samsung TV also recorded approximately 50% market share in Central and South America, and a higher percentage than all other competitors combined in the Middle East, CIS, African and Korean markets.

Although it already has three ranges of QD TVs, the Q7, Q8 and Q9 models that come in different shapes (flat and curved) and sizes ranging from 49″ to 88″, the company plans to provide an even broader selection by expanding the models available in each product line in the second half of the year.

Analyst Comment

As I mentioned in my Display Daily (Germany Celebrates 50 Years of CTV at IFA), my view is that Samsung is faltering in its momentum at the high end. If these figures are accurate, then Samsung still has a strong position, but I suspect it is weakening. Nevertheless, any competitor would like Samsung’s market share position. (BR)

THIS IS QLED TV main 1This picture from Samsung shows a seminar in Brazil to promote QD LCDs.