Ruwido Leaf Control is Sleek

Ruwido was showing a “traditional” remote control with a standard button configuration, but the design is a very sleek one, with a thickness of just 2.7mm. That’s why it’s called the “Leaf”. The remote supports BTLE for voice streaming (Swisscom was the first to use this technology) and Ruwido told us that the remote could work for two to three months of “intensive” use before needing a recharge, which is achieved by putting the remote in a charging block. The design is, of course, very sleek and the case is made from aluminium and carbon fibre.

A more unusual design is the “Myron”, and Ruwido calls it a “Tangible Interaction Concept”. The remote, which is small and circular, has a centre button that is pressure sensitive to allow control to be accelerated or slowed by varying the pressure. There are no buttons, but the whole top surface of the control is touch sensitive, using procap touch.

Auto makers are looking at the concept (Ruwido announced a further deal with Daimler last year for a remote for the Mercedes S-class entertainment remote).

The company is optimistic that it will do well in the German design awards later in the year after it received a RedDot award earlier.