Roku and Shopify Partner to Enable In-Stream Purchases on TV

Roku is collaborating with Shopify to allow viewers to directly purchase products from Shopify merchants using Roku Action Ads. This integration brings a seamless checkout experience to advertisements streamed on Roku devices, creating an entirely new advertising channel for Shopify merchants.

Source: Roku

Roku Action Ads refer to advertisements on Roku streaming devices that offer down funnel actions, such as sending users a text, scanning a QR code, or making a purchase. With this integration, viewers encountering an ad for a Shopify merchant can simply press the OK button on their Roku remote to learn more about the product and proceed to purchase it directly from their TV. The checkout process is facilitated by Roku Pay, Roku’s payment platform, enabling users to complete their purchases without leaving their streaming experience. Upon completion, purchasers will receive an email confirmation from the merchant.

True Classic, a men’s apparel brand, Ergatta, a game-based connected rower company, and Olly, a wellness brand, have been named as initial partners for this innovative partnership. This collaboration opens up a unique opportunity for independent Shopify merchants to tap into the TV streaming audience and explore a new avenue for advertising.