Ricoh Enhances Collaboration in Meetings with Expanded Interactive Flat Panel Display Portfolio at InfoComm16

Ricoh announced today new solutions that support the transformation of the modern meeting and learning environments. As the landscape of work today has been reshaped by closer collaboration over longer distances, the new RICOH Interactive Whiteboard D8400 transcends the barriers of stand-alone devices and embraces the multi-platform ecosystems users are now accustomed to.

Whether in the same meeting room or on two different continents, users can easily collaborate around content on the large canvas boasting a 4K, 84-inch HD TouchPanel display. Ricoh’s interactive flat panel display (IFPD) line will continue to expand with the release of the 22-inch RICOH Interactive Whiteboard D2200, slated for later this year. Both solutions will be on display at InfoComm16 in booth N647.

From annotating a flowchart with handwritten notes to team brainstorming with real-time video and document collaboration, the RICOH D8400 is a game-changer in enterprise environments, where more than 70 percent of employees often lack collaboration tools.* The RICOH D8400 is the latest addition to Ricoh’s product line of IFPDs aimed at making meetings more collaborative and effective. Similar to the RICOH D5510 and RICOH D6500, it can host up to 400 attendees via 20 connected IFPDs and 20 connected devices – including laptops, phones, tablets, and projectors. With mobility and BYOD more important than ever, Ricoh’s Workstyle Innovation Technology enabled by the RICOH IWB apps for iOS® devices, Windows®, and Android™ allows an interactive flat panel meeting to support ten mobile devices, for controlling and annotating content to all meeting participants, regardless of if they’re in the room or on the go. The RICOH Smart Device Connector app also supports NFC, so content can be sent easily with a tap, without the need to complete a multi-step connection process.

The RICOH D8400’s flexibility is ideal for a variety of users, including those who are seeking a solution that fits into their existing IT environment, or those looking for a comprehensive solution. The RICOH D8400 TouchPanel combines the benefits of precise touch control and a brilliant LCD screen with the power of your team’s existing applications and platforms. Through a simple USB connection to a computer – whether Windows®, Mac® or Android™ – users aren’t constrained to a particular platform and can use whichever videoconferencing, collaboration and productivity apps they prefer. The RICOH D8400 TouchPanel (Business Edition) is a multi-faceted, equally flexible solution that comes pre-loaded with Ricoh’s software for document annotation, page drawing, remote collaboration, and information sharing and saving tools. For architecture, engineering, construction (AEC); pharmaceutical; and research and development (R&D) applications that demand precise handwriting control, a Pen Sensor Kit is available.

“The need for collaboration in the new world of work has become evident, but many companies and their workers are now looking for ways to make their collaboration more effective,” said John Brophy, Vice President, Product Marketing, Ricoh USA, Inc. “While interactive flat panel displays have long been touted as collaboration tools, in many cases, their technical requirements limit effective collaboration. These latest additions to our lineup continue our commitment to drive effective collaboration by providing products that are vital parts of a larger ecosystem, rather than just standalone devices.”

Key features include:

Share and print annotated pages or files from meetings and collaboration sessions with ease at a moment’s notice, so the latest iterations of your ideas don’t get gridlocked and can be acted on immediately.
Password-protect files for document security and peace of mind.
Use the interactive flat panel display as the core of the remote collaboration experience when networked with other sources and projectors to display the same image to other devices, or images from other network sources.
Control within your larger AV environment via Crestron systems correspondence.

The RICOH D8400 is available now at a suggested retail price of $13,715 for the RICOH D8400 TouchPanel configuration without a controller and $16,435 for the RICOH D8400 TouchPanel (Business Edition) with controller. These optional accessories are also available: Pen Sensor Kit ($315) and collaboration/remote license ($1,200). A stand is available from select third-party dealers.

Ricoh’s IFPD line will continue to expand with the release of the RICOH Interactive Whiteboard D2200, slated for later this year. Its smaller 21.5″ display and built in camera, mic and speaker system makes it the ideal collaboration tool for desktops or smaller areas. This newest addition to Ricoh’s growing interactive flat panel display portfolio boasts an intuitive controller and interface that leverages the same technologies underpinning other Ricoh flat panel displays, bringing still more ease of use via familiarity.

To experience Ricoh’s interactive collaboration solutions in person, visit our booth N647 at the upcoming InfoComm16 show. For the latest updates and insights on our solutions, please visit Ricoh’s Unified Communications Systems page and follow @RicohVision on Twitter and Ricoh Innovative Solutions on LinkedIn. Also, visit to learn more about fueling collaboration for your business to thrive in today’s new world of work.