Ricoh Adds Brighter ‘Standard Install’ Line-up

Ricoh’s new business and education projector range is extensive, to suit many different applications. The line-up, of seven new DLP models, includes “desk edge”, short throw and standard installation models.

The desk edge projectors are the PJ X3551N (1024 x 768) and PJ WX3351N (1280 x 800). These are designed to be placed on the edge of a conference table. They can throw a 30″ – 200″ (X3351N) or 40″ – 240″ (WX3551N) image, from 0.7m – 14.4m (X3551N) or from 0.8 – 12.2m (WX3551N).Both support 360° installation and feature Miracast for wireless projection. Brightness is 3,500 lumens on the X3551N and 3,600 on the WX3551N.

Short throw models are the PJ X4241N (1024 x 768) and PJ WX4241N (1280 x 800). They can throw a 50″ – 120″ (X4241N) or 60″ – 140″ image, from 0.6m – 5.1m (X4241N) or from 0.6 – 4.3m away, and support electronic stylus use. Brightness has been raised from the previous generation’s (xx4240N) 3,000 lumens to 3,300 lumens. These projectors support Miracast, and the WX4241N also supports Wi-Fi. Other new features over the xx4240N models are four-point keystone correction, MPEG4 playback from USB and WPA2-Enterprise security.

All of the above models have a ‘rear-front’ design, with the cables and fan exhaust to the front of the projector. They have a 13,000:1 contrast ratio and 250W lamps, lasting 3,500 – 5,000 hours. HDMI, Mini-VGA, RCA, USB-A, mini-USB-B and RJ45 ports are featured. Each has a 10W speaker. They measure 297 x 235 x 100mm and weigh 3.1kg.

The standard installation projectors are a new line for Ricoh, with three models for small- to mid-sized conference rooms: the PJ X5460 (1024 x 768), PJ WX5460 (1280 x 800) and PJ HD5450 (1920 x 1080). These models can throw images sized between 30″ and 300″, with brightness levels of 4,000 (X5460), 4,100 (WX5460) or 3,500 (HD5450) lumens. Life of the 260W lamps is 3,000 – 4,000 hours.

The WX5460 and HD5450 share a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, while the X5460 is 2,000:1. All models have the same 1.1x zoom and feature HDMI, mini-VGA (x2), S-Video, RCA, mini-USB-B, RS232 and RJ45 ports, aside from the HD5460, which has an additional HDMI port and one less mini-VGA.

Throw ratios and projection distances are 1.95 – 2.15:1 and 1.2m – 12m (X5460); 1.55 – 1.7:1 and 1m – 10m (WX5460); and 1.5 – 1.8:1 and 1.5m – 10m (HD5450). A 10W speaker provides sound. The projector measures 314 x 224 x 102mm and weighs 3kg.

All of Ricoh’s new projectors are available now, and will be shown at Infocomm in June. They cost $1,165 (X3551N); $1,275 (WX3551N); $1,175 (X4241N); $1,250 (WX4241N); $1,020 (X5460); $1,190 (WX5460); and $1,435 (HD5450).