ams Osram Announces Four New High-Brightness LEDs for DLP Projectors

ams Osram introduced four new high-brightness LEDs designed for 0.33” DLP projectors. The Ostar Projection Power LE xx P1MS/AS series includes blue, amber, deep blue and converted green LEDs optimized for the etendue (a property of optical systems related to how much light) of 0.33” DLP imagers.

Source: ams Osram

In a typical four-channel configuration, the new Ostar series LEDs produce a projector-level output of 880 lumens. According to internal testing by ams Osram, this is 5 percent higher brightness compared to competing 0.33” DLP-compatible LEDs.

The compact 6.8mm x 7.6mm package features a copper metal core PCB and isolated solder pad for simplified thermal design. Excellent thermal performance supports high current density up to 6.6A/mm2 for blue, deep blue and converted green models. The amber LED operates at 4.5A/mm2.

Lower forward current requirements also enable serial connection of the LEDs. This can simplify and reduce the cost of LED driver electronics in multi-channel projector designs. Product developers can take advantage of the higher lumens to enable smaller, lower-cost projectors without sacrificing image quality. Higher LED brightness provides more vivid colors, sharper contrast and wider color gamut. The company claims that in addition to home theater projectors, the Ostar LEDs offer advantages for other equipment including endoscopes, 3D scanners and machine vision systems.