70% would use a free Netflix with ads

Digitalsmiths, a TiVo company, and specialist in personalised content discovery technology said that based on a survey of 3,100 consumers, many would opt for Netflix or Hulu OTT software if it was free and paid for by commercials.

Asked “If Netflix or Hulu offered a free TV service requiring viewers to watch commercials, would the respondent consider using it?”, 69.4% of respondents answered “yes”, with the bulk of respondents (83.3%) willing to watch one to four commercials in a 30-minute period.

Of those uninterested in a free service with commercials, it is interesting to note that 14.3% are open to commercials if content is personalised to their interests and/or viewing preferences.

78% of respondents are interested in an à la carte pay-TV service. Techsmith suggests that a winning combination might be an à la carte package of about 18 channels for $29.46/per month, plus a free streaming service with commercials.