RED and Canon Introduce New Cameras

At NAB 2015, Canon was showing of its newest camera: the C300 Mark II that has an incredible 15 f-stops of capture range. Very little information was available, but we did see a demo of the camera capturing a scene in very low illumination. The photo below shows the scene captured on my smartphone. Ambient illumination was said to be 0.1 to 0.5 FtCandles.

Canon C300 Mark II low light image

RED introduced what it calls the Weapon platform. It uses the 6K, 19 megapixel Dragon sensor with its 16” f-stops of capture range.

New is the addition of recording in a ProRes format in addition to the RED codec. There is also a new built-in microphone plus XLR inputs. Like the other RED cameras, owners can upgrade the sensor at a later date and RED says an 8K sensor is in the works.

RED Weapon