“Quarterly OLED Market Report for TV” was just published.

UBI released its report on the development of the OLED TV market. The company believes that the area of large OLED production was flat between Q1 and Q2 (which is not bad, when the market volume typically falls – Man. Ed.).

UBI values the OLED TV display market was $460 million, up from $366 in the first quarter, with unit volumes increasing to 720K from 580K. For the year, the firm is forecasting panel revenues of $2.18 billion, up 33% from $1.45 billion last year.

The firm said that the manufacturing cost of 55″ UltraHD panels is $432, while 65″ costs $967 and 77″ costs $1,067.

Analyst Comment

UBI quoted data for the area of OLEDs that were produced, but the numbers did not make sense when compared to the annual data and the chart, so we queried them with the company.