LG & Samsung Look to VR & Automotive at IMID


At IMID 2018, both LG Display and Samsung showed new OLED displays. LG Display showed a 77″ transparent flexible OLED and a 55″ video wall OLED. The 77″ has peak brightness of just 200 cd/m², thickness of 400 μm and a bending radius of 80mm, according to UBI Research. (We found a video here)

Samsung Display, on the other hand, is reported to have had small and medium devices for VR (with 2,000 ppi) and automotive applications. LG Display also had a VR display (a 1200 ppi, 4.3″ WRGB OLED).

Samsung had a flexible display for steering wheels, a 1000R curved OLED designed for viewing by passengers, a HUD and “S” and curved OLEDs for automotive use.

Samsung Steering WheelSamsung showed this steering wheel display at SID 2018. Image:Meko