Rokid Station Android TV Available for Pre-Order

Rokid, has unveiled the Rokid Station, a portable Android TV device developed in collaboration with HiMedia. The Rokid Station is meant as a companion for the Rokid Max AR glasses. The Rokid Station is supposed to be lighter and more portable than a smartphone, with a sleek contour and ergonomic design for easy handling. Its should easily fit into a small bag or a pocket. It’s essentially the size of a Fire TV stick and shaped like a mini remote so, you can pretty much guess how it is supposed to work, but it is definitely more expensive than TV sticks you can easily find online which makes its connection to Rokid’s glasses the only value proposition for the device.

Source: Rokid

Interested consumers can now pre-order the Rokid Station for $129 from the Rokid Store, with shipping expected by the end of August. The post-launch price will be $139. The Rokid Max AR glasses are currently available in stock for $439. For a limited time, customers can save $39 by purchasing the Rokid Station + Rokid Max bundle for $529, with shipping also scheduled for the end of August.