Porotech Unveils First Full-Color MicroLED Microdisplay

Porotech has unveiled the world’s first single-panel, full-color microdisplay which has been specifically designed for augmented reality (AR) applications. This development is made possible through Porotech’s innovative Dynamic Pixel Tuning (DPT) technology. The DPT MicroLED pixels can emit any visible color when driven by a specific current density, allowing for richer and more vibrant color displays.

In the creation of this technology, Porotech has successfully eliminated key manufacturing barriers typically associated with the production of MicroLEDs. The company’s MicroLEDs are created using a combination of LED epitaxial growth and a one-step wafer-to-wafer bonding process to the CMOS backplane. By using existing backplane technology and producing MicroLEDs with a size of 3.5 microns fabricated on a 4.5-micron pixel pitch, Porotech is able to achieve a larger emitter size without compromising resolution. This approach to MicroLED fabrication has resolved complex and low-yield manufacturing challenges that have historically impeded progress in this area.

The implications of this development extend beyond AR. MicroLEDs are seen as the future of display technology due to their superior attributes, such as enhanced brightness, energy efficiency, contrast ratio, longer device lifetimes, and increased pixel densities and resolutions. Porotech’s new technology has the potential to revolutionize a range of display applications, from smart watches and phones to tablets, flat panel TVs, and even large panel displays for commercial outdoor signage. Tongtong Zhu, founder and CEO of Porotech, emphasizes the significance of this milestone for the entire MicroLED industry, with their DPT technology meeting the specification, performance, reliability, and cost requirements necessary for a wide range of applications. Zhu also invites potential partners and customers to collaborate on further developments, demonstrating Porotech’s commitment to pioneering the future of display technology.

Porotech will be unveiling the 0.26-inch monolithic full-color microdisplay, along with an AR development platform, during the Display Week 2023.