Polish Video Users Prefer YouTube

According to a study by PwC, published by Wirtualne Media, people in Poland watch an average of four hours of video content every day, and 62% do so on a mobile device.

By far the most popular video service, is YouTube, with 74% of viewers watching it. This is followed by with 44.8%, with 33%, with 30.9% and with 29.2%. Netflix comes in sixteenth with only 7.3% watching it.

Live TV programmes are only watched by 45%, and 43% said there are too many TV channels.

Some 36% will watch series providing they are available on the Internet, and this was most pronounced among the age range 18 to 24.

Young adults, when watching videos on mobile devices, 62% prefer social media sites and 55%, short films. Of those surveyed, 33% believe that videos available online should be free to watch.

Almost half of respondents said they would pay up to €1.17 a month for a channel, while 16% would pay €2.5 to €4.7 with very few willing to pay more. Most respondents were willing to watch commercials on their chosen channels.

By 2020, it is forecast that advertising spend on the Internet in Poland, will exceed that for TV.