Pixelworks Iris Processor Incorporated in ZTE Axon 9 Pro Smartphone for Superior HDR and Advanced Video Streaming


Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW), a leading provider of power efficient visual processing solutions, announced that ZTE’s Axon 9 Pro smartphone incorporates Pixelworks’ third-generation Iris chipset to provide an optimal video streaming and picture quality experience.

Pixelworks’ advanced video and display processing technology enables the Axon 9 Pro to deliver smooth, blur-free HDR video and enhanced color contrast that is superior to many competing mobile devices.

The powerful combination of Pixelworks Iris advanced video processing technology and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon™ 845 applications processor make the Axon 9 Pro an ideal mobile device for high-performance video streaming. With display performance comparable to the vivid visual experience on UHD TVs, the ZTE Axon 9 Pro features a 6.21” 1080×2248 AMOLED display with notch, as well as color and local contrast enhancement and highly differentiated sharpness improvement. Additional features enabled by Pixelworks’ next-generation display capabilities include:

  • Industry leading True Clarity™ MEMC (motion estimation, motion compensation) processing technology to eliminate unintended judder and blur while streaming video
  • True Color™ that delivers up to 1 billion accurate and vibrant colors
  • In-line color calibration to achieve a level of color accuracy of ?E less than 2; making it nearly impossible to discern between actual color and displayed color
  • Comprehensive tone-mapping pipeline to render HDR10 video true to the creator’s intent
  • Sophisticated contrast management and sharpness to deliver the most realistic viewing experience

Anthony Gioeli, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Video Devices at Pixelworks, added, “With more than two decades as a leader in visual display and digital image processing, Pixelworks’ Iris technology provides notable advances in the mobile viewing experience by giving users an unprecedented level of cinematic-quality video and color accuracy. We are pleased to be incorporated into the new ZTE Axon 9 Pro smartphone, which delivers compelling display performance and true-to-life visuals that significantly raise the bar for video-viewing standards in the global smartphone market.”

Pixelworks’ proven track record of R&D and technology innovation has resulted in an IP portfolio of over 400 issued and pending video-related patents and a strong market position in the visual display industry. The Company’s HDR technology is capable of 1M:1 contrast ratio with 10x improvement in color accuracy and is also auto-adaptive to ambient light, making it the de facto leader among content creators and service providers. Additionally, the Company’s MEMC processing technology enables streaming video up to 60fps (frames per second), eliminating unintended judder and blur. Pixelworks’ broad suite of solutions also includes market-leading color management, display calibration and advanced scaling to maintain the fidelity of the image presented on the display, while providing the highest picture quality regardless of the viewing conditions.

ZTE formally introduced the Axon 9 Pro smartphone during a launch event at the IFA trade show in Berlin on August 30, 2018.

About Pixelworks

Pixelworks creates, develops and markets high efficiency visual display processing and advanced video delivery solutions for the highest quality display and streaming applications. The Company has a 20 year history of delivering image processing innovation to providers of leading edge consumer electronics and professional displays, as well as video delivery and streaming solutions. Pixelworks is headquartered in San Jose, CA. For more information, please visit the Company’s web site at