Pixelworks Launches IRX Gaming Experience Brand Targeted at Smartphone Users

Pixelworks recently introduced its new IRX gaming experience brand aimed at smartphone users. This brand combines Pixelworks’ mobile visual processing solutions with in-depth game tuning services. The IRX gaming experience relies on a portfolio of branded Pixelworks technologies including ultra-low latency MotionEngine technology, low power super-resolution technology, and AI Always-on HDR. Pixelworks will support the IRX Gaming brand with a certification program for mobile devices that incorporate its visual processors. Currently, the IRX-supported game list includes 20 games, and Pixelworks plans to expand communication channels with consumers to enhance awareness of the benefits of the IRX gaming experience.

Source: Pixelworks

The IRX gaming experience brand is Pixelworks’ response to the growing demand for immersive and high-quality mobile gaming. As smartphone gaming becomes increasingly popular, Pixelworks is looking to leverage its display technologies to drive adoption of its processors among smartphone OEMs.

Pixelworks’ chips provide improved color accuracy through advanced calibration algorithms, HDR tone mapping, and SDR to HDR upscaling. They ensure smoother motion with motion compensation algorithms that reduce blur and judder, and enhance contrast by adjusting brightness and gamma for better visibility of details in bright and dark scenes. Pixelworks chips are power-efficient, addressing the crucial concern of battery life and they feature prominently in Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus smartphone models.

Apart from their hardware chips, Pixelworks also offers Soft Iris, a software-based visual processing engine that enhances display performance for smartphones lacking a Pixelworks hardware chip. Soft Iris delivers many of the same benefits as their hardware counterparts, including improved color accuracy, smoother motion, and enhanced contrast. However, while Soft Iris is valuable, it may not achieve the same level of performance as the hardware chips.