Pixelworks Enhances Visual Quality for Crystal of Atlan for Smooth 120fps Mobile Gaming Experience

Pixelworks announced that its Rendering Accelerator SDK has been integrated into the aetherpunk-themed action RPG, Crystal of Atlan (CoA), developed by Nuverse’s game studio. In combination with the Pixelworks X7 visual processor, the Rendering Accelerator significantly improves the visual quality of mobile gaming, enabling a stable 120fps visual experience on mobile devices with low power consumption.

Crystal of Atlan, which is powered by the Unreal 4 engine, offers impressive graphics that feature authentic and detailed game scenes, such as magical metropolitan areas, refreshing rural landscapes, and ancient ruins floating in the air. The game also showcases remarkable rendering effects when characters use their skills in combat. To enhance the immersive gaming experience, Pixelworks and the CoA development team collaborated to ensure high frame rates and smart power management on mobile devices.

The integration of Pixelworks’ Rendering Accelerator SDK with the game engine generates motion vectors from the game graphics, which are then processed by the Pixelworks visual processor in conjunction with the original frames rendered by the GPU. This combination allows Android smartphones to offload rendering pressure from the GPU.