AG Neovo Showcases Display-Centric Solutions at Security Essen 2018

AG Neovo, leveraging the well-established reputation of environment-specific displays, has developed easy-to-adopt display-centric solutions for diversified professional environments.

Conforming to the application-focused theme of Security Essen this year, AG Neovo will showcase control room and digital signage displays for public transportation environments.

AG Neovo, located at Booth 5F28, MESSE ESSEN from 25 – 28 September, sincerely invites every professional to experience AG Neovo solutions. The “AG Neovo Airport” at Essen will demonstrate how requirements in the following environments are satisfied:

1. Boarding Gate:

Boasting Messaging Impact with Mobility

Movable kiosk, PF-55, brings amplified messaging impact and visually impresses audiences with a brightness of 700 nits. Paired with a media player, this glass and metal housing protected movable floor stand solution is a perfect fit for airports, train stations, retail stores, and other public areas.

2. VIP Room:

Easy to Setup with High Flexibility & Visibility

QM-Series 4K UHD displays provide a smart and enhanced digital signage solution. This highly flexible platform delivers information to VIP lounges, restaurants, retail stores, and other public areas. The PD-Series, with 700 nits brightness, is another display designed for digital signage. Remotely controlled via RS-232 and RJ45 by AG Neovo PID Command Tool, the PD-Series is easily applied to play real-time flight schedules, advertisements, or to deliver guidance in public areas.

3. Control Room:

Seamless Integration with Durability and Reliability

A 3×2 video wall configuration: six of AG Neovo’s 55″, ultra-narrow bezel PN-55H 24/7 displays paired with the AG Neovo PID Command Tool, demonstrate a real-time surveillance scenario. The new 4K UHD security displays QX-Series also make its debut as the premium security displays, bringing 4K UHD visual quality and unparalleled reliability at the same time.

4. Enclosure Solutions:

Indoor and Outdoor All-Weather Protection

With the innovative air circulation design, the AG Neovo LOC-55 display enclosure will house the newest 2,500 nits ultra-high brightness PO-55F display, demonstrating an all-weather outdoor signage solution.

From displays to solutions, AG Neovo keeps developing what can satisfy environment-specific requirements and is committed to providing better solutions for professional environments.

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