Philips Boosts Colour in Panel

Philips 246E7QDAB LCD monitor

MMD has developed two new UltraColor monitor models under the Philips name. The 23.6″ 246E7QDAB and 27″ 276E7QDAB feature a wider colour gamut than conventional monitors: 120% sRGB and 85% of NTSC, compared to the standard 72%.

Rather than colour-boosting software, MMD says that the UltraColor displays work through “chemistry in the panel”. We suspect that this means different phosphors in the LEDs, but have asked MMD for more information on this.

Both displays are flicker-free and use Philips’ Smart technology suite: SmartContrast and SmartImage Lite. These enhance colour saturation, contrast and sharpness to optimise on-screen images.

Display resolution is 1920 x 1080. The monitors use IPS panels with 178° viewing angles and have 250 cd/m² of brightness. They show 8-bit colour. MHL-HDMI, DVI-D and VGA ports are featured, as well as integrated speakers.

MMD will sell its new displays in August, for £130 ($170) (23.6″) and £185 ($245) (27″), ex VAT.