Parade Brings DisplayPort SST to UltraHD Tcon

A new UltraHD timing controller, using embedded DisplayPort (eDP) v1.3, has been developed by Parade Technologies. The DP667 is said to be the first Tcon for UltraHD LCD panels that support the use of the DisplayPort Single Stream Transport (SST) protocol.

Supporting UltraHD at 60fps, using 24- or 30-bit colour, the DP667’s eDP interface operates at 5.4Gbps. Because it uses the SST protocol, system complexity is reduced compared to Multi Stream Transport (MST), says Parade. SST also means that the Tcon can be supported by “various monitor controller devices, in addition to a direct GPU interface with an AIO device”, said Parade’s EVP of marketing Jimmy Chiu.

The DP667 features backlight control capability through the eDP AUX channel. The output supports various point-to-point COF/COG interface types, including Parade’s SIPI interface standard. eDP power management features, including variable frame rate control protocols, are supported, as well the DisplayPort Adaptive Sync feature. Device configuration capability includes programmable Tcon control signal generation, row/column driver I/Os, and a programmable Gamma look-up table.

The DP667 is in production now and available in DRQFN and WFBGA package types.