TV Panels Remain Steady and Monitors Fall in January

TV panel prices have remained steady in early January, as global top tier brands are still showing strong demand, DisplaySearch data shows. Samsung and some leading Chinese vendors (with reasonable levels of demand in emerging markets) are still ordering panels to meet Q1’15 forecasts.

DisplaySearch says that panel makers currently intend to keep increasing the price of 32″, 40″ and 48″ units. Prices will be raised to ‘typical levels’ reflecting supply chain constraints. It is increasingly difficult for non-tier-one brands to compete, as these large firms are aggressive with both their panel sourcing and retail TV pricing.

Meanwhile, average monitor panel prices have fallen 1% in january, due to weak end-market demand. Capacity in G5+ fabs is being released, due to slow demand for notebooks and tablets. Monitor panel supply is thus expected to rise over the coming months. Monitor makers are unwilling to carry over inventory during the Lunar New Year period, said DisplaySearch, due to weak demand.