OWC Dock Adds Features Missing from MacBook Pro

Quickly on the heels of the new MacBook Pro announcement by Apple last week (Apple Event Introduces New Mac Book Pro), OWC has announced a Thunderbolt dock that supports dual UltraHD displays via Thunderbolt, six USB devices, Firewire, a 3.5mm jack, an SD card slot as well as an optical line out and Ethernet. To run at its full capacity, the dock needs an external PSU and costs $279 ($299 later). It will ship in February 2017.

Analyst Comment

The external SD card slot will be popular to those that were disappointed not to see one on the MacBook Pro. Of course, card readers can be supported via the USB Type-C on the MacBook, but an internal slot is appreciated by those that have to deal with a lot of video or image data. Apple said that wireless connectivity is making SD cards less needed now. (BR)