Ouigo Innovates with Slabs of Glass

Ouigo is a Taiwanese company that has an unusual technology. The company has developed a glass-based tiled projection screen. It can be used in any arbitrary tiled configuration and allows a projector to be used for public display and look like a video wall. Compared to a traditional screen, the surface is very tough and the tiles are made of laminated safety glass, making them very robust and strong enough to resist a lot of damage. The tiles have a 25″ diagonal and can be used for indoors or outside applications (although you’d need a lot of brightness from a projector if used outside). The tiles have a gain of around 0.8 and cost around $180. They are extremely quick to assemble and the company told us that a wall could be built in as little as 20 minutes, which might make the idea useful for rental and event applications.

The company can make the tiles also in sizes of 100″/110″ and 120″ for really big installations.

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In controlled ambient light conditions, these tiles used with a high resolution laser projector could make a relatively low cost “video wall” for public areas. (BR)