Oppo to Join Sony, Samsung & Panasonic

At IFA, Sony joined Samsung and Pansonic in announcing an UltraHD Blu-ray player and these companies will be joined by Oppo according to some journalists who were briefed at Cedia. Chris Heinonen, Editor of Reference Home Theater, is quoted as saying that it will be called UDP-203 and will sell in the US for $499 and will start shipping ‘later this year’. UK sources say that the set will cost £599 (which we assume includes VAT). It is said to be HDR-ready and will play back Dolby Vision or HDR10, although certification is yet to be done. The UDP-203 will have dual HDMI out to allow a separate audio connection as well as Wi-Fi and 7.1 analogue audio outputs.

oppo udp 203 uhd blu ray player