NLT’s Procap Touch Supports Gloved Operation

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NLT Technologies has developed a new type of procap touch technology; a sensor and module combination are able to detect touches even when the screen is wet or the user is wearing gloves (up to 2mm thick).

The 8.4″ module (1024 x 768) is a TFT-LCD unit with a ‘Wet & Glove’ procap sensor bonded to the front. It supports dry screen tracking; water build-up tracking; and single glove operation. It is also able to be used with medical-grade defibrilator gel and ultrasound gel.

Touch co-ordinates are detected using a combination of mutual- and self-capacitance sensors, which enables the wet/gloved touch tracking. Multi-touch and gesture recognition are also supported. Using only mutual capacitance (as do the majority of procap panels, says NLT) enables multi-touch but means that the tracking is affected by liquids.

Procap touch suffers from a drop in sensitivity when using gloves. A proprietary sensitivity adjustment tool counters this.

Design methods such as bonding or surface treatments are supported by NLT’s new procap touch technology. The company will demonstrate the system at SID Display Week in June this year.