Next Gen TV Should Include New Remote Control Features

The User Experience Strategies group at Strategy Analytics has published a new report on the consumer purchasing priorities for their next TV purchase and the features they require. Other than the normal requirements of screen quality, screen size, reliability and a manufacturer with a good reputation, consumers also require a variety of options to control the TV as well as being able to control and monitor smart home automation appliances.

Consumers were surveyed in the US, and nearly all of them indicated better quality, rather than price, as their number one driver for purchasing a new TV. The majority of respondents also would buy a bigger screen TV for their next purchase.

Taryn Tulay, Senior Analyst and report author, stated that incorporating interactive features and apps on a TV requires different methods of control and should include voice and gesture control, smartphone and tablet control and a dedicated remote controller. He also stated that the remote controller should offers quick access to content and should include a touchscreen/touchpad, fewer buttons, a keyboard on touchscreen, customisable buttons, voice control, a chargeable battery and a wireless charging station.