Newly Upgraded Planetarium Dome Offers First 8K 3D of the Universe in South America

The newly upgraded planetarium dome at Maloka Centro Interactivo in Bogotá, Colombia, reopened its doors after a renovation project transformed the 18-year-old venue into a Sciss Colorspace theatre. The new theatre is the first 8K 3D planetarium in South America. The 5-channel digital fulldome experience uses GBvi Chronos glass plate blending technology and is intended to offer guests a truly seamless and visually stunning display.

Sciss (, a vendor of modern fulldome and planetarium solutions had been contracted to replace the old iWerks 870 film projector with their proprietary Colorspace solution featuring five Christie Mirage 304K projectors. At 22 metres (72 feet) in diameter, the dome can seat up to 314 visitors each seeking a new perspective of the night sky.

Rob Overy, Senior Project Manager at Sciss commented; “The use of optical masks is essential in fulldome theatres where very dark scenes are common. GBvi’s Chronos offers the best optical blending solution for projected displays and their attention to detail resulted in no visible artefact, particularly within the irregular shape blend regions. It was a pleasure to collaborate with the team and to arrive at the optimum display arrangement for this dome theatre.”