Hayden Planetarium and Christie Lead the Way to HDR Domed Solutions

by Chris Chinnock

The New York-based American Museum of Natural History, where the famous Hayden Planetarium is housed, held a press event on July 17 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, along …

Tags:6p Laser| Christie| Dome Projection| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Laser Projectors| Planetariums

Digital Projection 4K Laser Powers Dome Planetarium at Minnesota Museum

by Andrew Fenn

Having undergone a $79 million renovation, Minnesota’s Bell Museum now features a dome planetarium, powered by Digital Projection’s Insight Dual Laser 4K projection system. The device features true 4K resolution at 60 frames per …

Tags:Back Panel| Digital Projection Inc (DPI)| Large Display Monitor| Planetariums| UK (United Kingdom)| Vol 25 - Issue 40

Sony Projectors Chosen for Europe’s First 8K Planetarium

by Andrew Fenn

The Planetarium at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris has become the first 8K planetarium in Europe and the second in the world. The planetarium has installed ten Sony VPL-GTZ280 4K …

Tags:Back Panel| France| Large Display Monitor| Planetariums| sony| Vol 24 - Issue 46

Canon Projectors Used for Simulation and Planetarium

by Bob Raikes

Canon announced the WUX500ST projector, which is a short throw LCOS-based unit that has 1920 x 1200 resolution and outputs 5,000 Ansi lumens. New Canon UST Projector has Dicom Version. Features include lens shifting …

Tags:Canon| Infocomm 2017| Large Display Monitor| Planetariums| Simulation| UST Projectors| Vol 24 - Issue 23

Optoma Releases Dome Projector Lens

by Bob Raikes

Optoma has launched a new dedicated dome projection lens, the BX-CTADOME that is available immediately. The lens provides a 360º image that is intended for planetariums, simulation, military and live events. The lens fits …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Lenses| Optoma| Planetariums| Vol 24 - Issue 21

What’s the Definition of an Immersive Display?

by Chris Chinnock

I have been talking to people a lot about immersive displays lately. That’s because the next Display Summit will have this as a focus theme. Most people think of Virtual Reality when you say …

Tags:Augmented Reality| Light Field Displays| Planetariums| Simulation| Virtual Reality| Visualisation| Vol 24 - Issue 18

Virtual Impresses Dr. Jon with Virtual Planetarium

by Bob Raikes

Altair Digital has developed planetarium software and a double layer five metre dome using a wireless projection system and a spherical mirror and that costs a cool $7,900. It has also developed a version …

Tags:AR/VR| Mobile Display Monitor| Planetariums| Virtual Reality| Vol 24 - Issue 07

Newly Upgraded Planetarium Dome Offers First 8K 3D of the Universe in South America

by Alan Spencer

The newly upgraded planetarium dome at Maloka Centro Interactivo in Bogotá, Colombia, reopened its doors after a renovation project transformed the 18-year-old venue into a Sciss Colorspace theatre. The new theatre is the first …

Tags:Back Panel| Christie| Dome Projection| Large Display Monitor| Planetariums| Super Hi-Vision (8K)| Vol 24 - Issue 04

Full-Dome Screens: When 100,000 Lumens isn’t Enough

by Matthew Brennesholtz

IMERSA (Immersive Media Entertainment, Research, Science & Arts) is having it’s 8th annual summit February 22 – 26 in Denver at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS). There will be lots of …

Tags:Barco| Christie| Dolby Atmos| Laser Projectors| Planetariums| Vol 24 - Issue 02

Leap Motion Planetarium 1

Leap Motion Shows Virtual Planetarium

by Norbert Hildebrand

As augmented and virtual reality hardware is on top of the list to be “the next big thing”, the potential use of such hardware is still under discussion. So far, general use as an …

Tags:Leap Motion| Mobile Display Monitor| Planetariums| Virtual Reality| Vol 22 - Issue 06