New Vision Display Announces 32″ Computer Monitor Driven by Full Color Reflective LCD Technology

New Vision Display is pleased to announce a unique and new asset for business and personal use: the Sun Vision Display (“SVD”) 32” computer monitor featuring full color reflective LCD technology. This monitor is specifically designed and manufactured to address eye strain and other visual issues that can arise when using traditional LCD and OLED monitors.

By eliminating the need for backlighting through SVD’s reflective LCD structure, this monitor provides excellent readability in areas with bright ambient light, that’s true whether the light source is natural or artificial.

A Highly Visible and Detailed Display

SVD 32” monitors improve eye comfort as well as readability through their reflective LCD structure. Instead of utilizing a backlight behind the LCD cell to illuminate the display, each pixel is formed by a diffused mirror, making optimal use of available ambient light. The screen offers full HD (1980 RGB x 1080) resolution and 16.7 million addressable colors, offering deep and rich detail for a variety of use cases. These monitors are intended for personal and professional use indoors, but can also be used outside during calm weather, in the absence of precipitation or high winds.

NVD SVD 01 1 proc

Technical Details & Availability

The SVD 32” computer monitor operates at ultra-low power (less than six watts, about 95% less than a comparable backlit monitor). It is both lightweight, at only 15 lbs., and features an ultra-thin, sleek design of just 0.2” at the monitor’s top and 0.9” at its base. With HDMI connectivity built in, an included 12V adaptor and a built-in kickstand, this monitor is versatile and dependable.

About New Vision Display

Sun Vision Display is a brand of New Vision Display (“NVD”). NVD is a key subsidiary of the publicly-traded company Tianjin Jingwei Huikai Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., with global headquarters in Shenzhen, China. NVD is a leading supplier of custom displays, touch panels, cover lenses, and integrated assemblies for OEMs worldwide. NVD offers a total solution approach, with a thorough understanding of the product development, life cycle, and end-user/environmental requirements. NVD has manufacturing facilities located in Shenzhen, Changsha, and Yongzhou, China. Sales and technical support teams are located across the US, Europe and Asia.