NEC NC1000C for Smaller Cinemas Uses Lamps

NEC has launched the NC1000C is an ‘all-in-one’ cinema projector which has 2048 x 1080 (DCI 2K) resolution, from three 0.69″ DLP chips and a dual 400W NSH lamp lighting system. The projector is designed to support DCI specifications for screens up to 10.6 m (1.8 gain screen) and NEC said that it can support HFR 3D with 60Hz/eye support. A range of lenses is available and the projector has 2TB of integrated storage. The projector is compact for a cinema unit, at 621 x 314 x 798mm and with weight of 44kg (plus lamp) and it can be ceiling or floor mounted.

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Analyst Comment

Although NEC said at Cinemacon that its future was all about laser, it remains the case that where cost is a key driver, lamp-based solutions remain the best solution. Although LP devices may be more reliable, the use of a dual lamp allows hot swapping where one lamp has failed. (BR)