NEC Adds Five Lamp-based Projectors

NEC has added five new lamp-based projectors to its PA series, with resolutions of XGA, WXGA and WUXGA resolutions. All the new models use LCD-based engines and have the latest scaler chip which can downscale from 4K/60P input signals as well as supporting noise reduction, de-interlacing and 10 bit processing. Image processing includes NEC’s ‘Sweetvision’ and the ability to adapt for curved and irregular surfaces as well as stacking an blending. The image can be daisy-chained to other projectors.

Colour support includes conversion of Rec 2020 content to the native colour space, which is Rec. 709 and HDR10 content can also be displayed. A range of inputs and outputs are supported including HDMI and HDBaseT output. The lenses support motorised zoom, focus and lens shift and the projectors can be used in landscape and portrait mode. Contrast is up to 10,000:1

Lamp life is 5,000 hours (Eco mode), with 10,000 hours of filter time.

The projectors start shipping in February.

Model Resolution Brightness Contrast Lamp
PA803U 1920 x 1200 8,000 10000:1 420W
PA853W 1280 x 800 8,500 10000:1 420W
PA653U 1920 x 1200 6,500 8000:1 370W
PA903X 1024 x 768 9,000 10000:1 420W
PA703W 1280 x 800 7000 8000:1 370W