Nanolumens Suggest LEDs for Simulation and Training

LED screen maker Nanolumens was at I/ITSEC with a small LED video wall but suggesting this may offer advantages over projection solutions in many training and simulation activities. Company representative explained that they are a US-based company offer LED video wall solutions with pitches from 1.2mm to 16mm, but most of their sales are for systems with less than a 5mm pitch. These are going into a wide range of markets and applications.

One of their big differentiators is their flexible substrate which allows them to be wrapped around columns or create curved screen solutions. The second differentiator is their wide color gamut, which they said was 140% of NTSC. The color gamut performance seems incredibly high, but booth personnel were unable to provide a deeper understanding. The third differentiator is their wide dynamic range, stated as 6000:1, while the fourth key feature is their higher quality and long six year warranty.

Currently, the controller operates at 8-bits per color, but this will be upgrade soon to 10-bits per color and rolled out in 2017.

The company also noted they can custom configure the LEDs, meaning you don’t have to have just RGB elements. They can offer RGBW, RGBY, RGBCYM, etc. They have even been certified by Coca-Cola to be able to display “Coke red” properly.

In the simulation market, they say they are having some discussions with BAE on a level D simulator solution that would replace projectors.

In the theatrical market, they have installed one theater in Australia at major telecom provider Telstra that has 4K resolution. This is used mainly for special events and is not a commercial theater. Interestingly, the first commercial LED theater may debut in India for the presentation of Bollywood films. – CC