Mitsubishi Stays in Play With Cubes

Last year, we met with Mitsubishi at Gitex just after the company had announced its major display division re-structuring. This year, the company had the same size booth again highlighting its continued presence in the cube business for control rooms and its ultra narrow bezel products.

New at the show was a sample of a shallow depth 60″ cube that has a depth of just 54cm. This is much shorter than the company’s mainstream 60″ cubes and not much more than an LCD if it is on a bracket designed to allow front access to the panel. The Mitsubishi cube allows front or rear access. The V60HS12U forgoes the 6 point mechanical alignment adjustment that is in the bigger product and has a fixed engine, which is overscanned slightly to ensure full screen coverage. The company was highlighting the long life of the LED-based product compared to LCDs which often are past their best quite quickly in 24/7 environments with fixed images, as is often seen in control rooms.

Mitsubishi is using the OPS slot in the new cubes, which will be available in January, to allow the support of technologies such as SDI for broadcast environments.