Mitsubishi Displays and Peerless-AV Wall Mounts Installed at ISE HQ

Integrated Systems Events has installed a recessed 1 × 4 video wall in its headquarters in Munich, Germany, using quick-release video wall mounts from Peerless-AV, creating a new collaboration and meeting space for ISE staff and visitors. The video wall features four Mitsubishi 55″ displays mounted in portrait orientation on Peerless-AV DS-VW775-QR SmartMount Supreme Full-Service Video Wall Mounts with Quick Release.

Incorporating tool-less lateral micro-adjustment, the mount provides 38mm of fine-tune adjustment on each of the X, Y and Z axis. The company says its press-to-release pop-out feature provides quick and convenient access to a recessed display without searching for hidden pull strings, and it comes with reusable display-dedicated wall plate spacers for both portrait and landscape applications.

Weighing 2kg lighter than previous Peerless-AV video wall mounts, the DS-VW775-QR facilitates a one-person install, especially when combined with the install app and spacers. Using a keyhole adaptor plate, a single installer can simply hook the mount onto the wall so their hands are free to secure it.