Meta to Ship 10,000 Dev Kits in 2017

The editor trying the Meta Headset at AWE in 2016We reported on Meta from the Augmented World Expo last year (Meta Misjudges the AWE Tone) and the company said that it started shipping its development kits by the end of 2016 and by the end of 2017 it expects to have shipped 10,000 headsets – it has been taking pre-orders since last year. The RoadtoVR blog interviewed the company which claims that “There’s more Meta 2 pre-orders than there are HoloLens headsets in the world”.

The big difference between the Meta 1 (which was never shipped because of criticism of the limited field of view) and the Meta 2 was in the field of view, which was widened dramatically between versions and the price, which is $950. The pre-orders are expected to ship ‘in the next few months’ (which would be why we have seen plenty of Hololens demos, but only one Meta-based one – from Meta – Man. Ed.)

Analyst Comment

There are those that continue to criticise the limited field of view of the Hololens, so the reaction to this headset may be significant for VR. (BR)